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Use of Anti-Prolactin Agents to Treat Cancer/Proliferative Conditions

US 7,115,556
Canada 2,328,520
Japan 5,453,355
Japan 5,259,896

Use of Prolactin Receptor Antagonists in Combination with an Agent that Inactivates the HER2/Neu signaling Pathway

US 8,754,031

Compositions and Methods for Visualizing and Eliminating Cancer Stem Cells (Ovarian Cancer Claims)

US 8,648,046
US 8,754,035
Europe 2400979
France 2400979
Germany 2400979
Italy 2400979
United Kingdom 2400979
Australia 2010218261
Japan 5963443
Korea 10-1672401

Human Prolactin Antagonist-Angiogenesis Inhibitor Fusion Proteins

US 7,339,027
US 8,304, 381
Japan 4511108
Japan 5221510

Multimeric Ligands with Enhanced Stability

US 7,632,809
Canada 2,483,330
Europe 2385132
France 2385132
Germany 60345826.2
United Kingdom 2385132
Europe 1576097
France 1576097
Germany 60342479.1
United Kingdom 1576097

Use of Prolactin in the Prophylactic Treatment of Cancer

Europe 1959985
France 1959985
Germany 602006009840.5
United Kingdom 1579985

Bi-Functional Cancer Treatment Agents

US 7,201,905

In addition to patents, Prolanta has received orphan designation from the US FDA for the treatment of ovarian cancer, which provides for seven years of market exclusivity. Oncolix intends to apply for orphan designation in the EU and Japan to treat ovarian cancer, both which provide for 10 years of market exclusivity.

Furthermore, under the US Affordable Care Act in the United States, biologicals such as Prolanta are granted 12 years of market exclusivity.